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My name is Emma Hällbacka. I was born and grew up on the west coast of Sweden, in the city of Gothenburg. Currently I live in my dream apartment with a view of the city, and during the days I work as a project manager consultant on one of the biggest tech companies in Sweden. There I work with new introductions of electric industrial vehicles for the global premium market. I have a degree in physics and have worked in a broad range of fields, but it is the tech industry that provides the challenge which within I thrive.

My dream is for more women to succeed in the harsh corporate world and tech industry, and therefor I created this place. I want to share my learnings with you, and give you the best head start to launch your career, and elevate your recognition, salary and skills. I want to do this by offering the best advice and resources, and allow you to excel in your field using soft skills, mindset and all the right tools. I want you to feel confident that you can deliver, and are recognized for your competence.

I also want you to enjoy the good life. I want you to have the work-life contrast that allows you to feel that all your hours are precious and meaningful to you. Your physical and emotional health are in sync with your desires, and all your experience is made justice. I want you to feel that your life is valuable, and that your success is there for you to claim.

I am currently working behind the scenes creating a place for you where you can find all the resources that you need, so be sure to check in again soon. Or you can join the email list to make sure that you are the first to know when the site is launched. And again, welcome!

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